• Plain copper to ASTM B3 / Tinned Copper Conductor to ASTM B33 & Stranding to class B/C of ASTM B8

  • FR-PVC Insulation to UL-13 and FR-XLPE insulations complying to ICEA S-82-552

  • Overall or Individually Overall Shielding with aluminum polyester tape and a Tinned Copper drain wire. Non-hygroscopic fillers Provided if necessary

  • Soft Rounded Galvanized Steel Wire Armor done with minimum 90% coverage

  • Jacketing Extruded black PVC as per UL-13, oil and sunlight resistant, passes flame test as per IEEE 383 (70000 BTU). The jacket is impervious to vapor and moisture penetration

    -Multi Conductor, XLPE, Unshielded
    -Multi Conductor, XLPE, Shielded
    -Multi Conductor, PVC, Unshielded
    -Multi Conductor, PVC, Shielded
    -Multi Pair/Triad, XLPE, Unshielded
    -Multi Pair/Triad, XLPE, Shielded
    -Multi Pair/Triad, XLPE, Overall Shielded
    -Multi Pair/Triad, XLPE, Individual & Overall Shielded
    -Multi Pair/Triad, XLPE, Overall Shielded, Armored
    -Multi Pair/Triad, XLPE, Individual & Overall Shielded, Armored
    -Multi Pair/Triad, PVC, Unshielded
    -Multi Pair/Triad, PVC, Overall Shielded
    -Multi Pair/Triad, PVC, Individual & Overall Shielded

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